QLXchange Review: Opportunity or Scam?

This QLXchange Review will look into the company’s offerings as a business opportunity and, will seek to uncover whether or not there really is a silver lining for those who sign up.  Perhaps you are looking for more information on the company before you join. Or, you might have joined QLXchange already, but you felt that you needed more information in order to put yourself at ease. Please read this entire “QLXchange Review” so that you can get a solid grasp of the business opportunity, the advantages and disadvantages of working with the company, and see the summary at the end in order to recap what you have read.

QLXchange ReviewQLXchange Review:  The Business Opportunity

QLXchange is located in Panama City, Panama. The company has one main goal for ALL of its members. QLXchange wants financial freedom for you.

QLXchange is a partner with a company known as OneX, which is referred to as a “feeder” for the program.  What is unique about this program is that anyone can afford to jump in, which has many people researching it to see what it’s all about. Anyone can afford to jump in because it is $5.

The company does have a few products to offer, they are comprised of online marketing educational tools, investment reports, and a unique silver savings program. For each lesson or level that you finish, you can move onto the next one. The lessons are simply teaching how to build an MLM business and there are financial education reports published monthly. On the company’s website they explain why silver is the best precious metal to invest in. As a QLXchange member, you get a nice discount on your silver purchase. Plus, you can choice bullion or coins.

The company is built on a matrix system, meaning that the company should be producing spillover to those in your matrix.

It’s free to join QLXchange. For OneX, the initial investment is only $5, and some claim to have taken that small investment and turn it into about $100,000 in 6 months or less.

QLXchange Review: Advantages of the Business Opportunity

In this QLXchange Review, it’s beneficial to talk about the advantages of joining this business opportunity.  One of the key advantages is that there is a low financial risk, with just a $5 investment, its low risk, and it’s appealing to more people. Not only is the business low risk but also it’s easy to understand. Why? Because it’s teaching people how build an MLM / network marketing business.

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All payments go directly from the buyer to the seller, which means that consultants get 100% of their income back. The system runs on a matrix, which means that you could be earning with up to 340 people in your matrix. Sound profitable?

The company is educating their members about how to get ahead in this economy. Even if you chose not to promote the business, it sounds like there are big benefits to just being a member. People are always looking for ways to invest and grow their incomes or portfolios. With the company being located in Panama, you have an entire globe full of people to recruit from. So the market is not limiting you to just one country. To top it off, people all of the world love silver and recognize the value of owning it.

QLXchange Review: Disadvantages of the Business Opportunity

One thing you must remember is that there are generally a few disadvantages with any business opportunity.

With QLXchange, the fee to join may be low, but keep in mind that you can only earn commissions on any product that you own. This means that if you have only joined in at the first tier and someone wants to buy a higher level from you, then you won’t earn the commission on the higher level. Make sense? So, in order to make the most money, you must join at the top level in order to earn the commissions from any membership that is paid for.  Also, with it only being $5 to join, will this really make members take their business seriously? Sometimes a nominal investment attracts people with a mindset of not wanting to work hard. Whereas a significant business investment puts some “skin” in the game and people treat it like a business.

Because the business and compensation run on a matrix, what happens when the matrix fills up? This company has programmed their system to open up a new matrix once the current matrix gets full.

QLXchange Review: Summary of the Business Opportunity

To close this QLXchange Review, I want to say that the while the business opportunity seems simple, and the initial investment to get into the business is small, is that a reason to join?

The business helps those who are in network marketing to build their business, so it may be a great resource for those who aren’t sure how to do so. As with any business learning is one thing but you must apply what you learn to be successful.

We hope that taking the time to read this QLXchange Review had been beneficial for you. Should you need more direction in building your business, be sure to check our Top Rated Opportunities here to ask us how we can help you today.

Note: If you’re looking for a legitimate way to earn income online and want to learn
how to build a successful internet business, then I STRONGLY recommend you
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